Admission to Teacher Education

Specific Requirements for Pre-Education Majors

Students who seek a teaching degree in the College of Education are considered PRE-Education majors until certain criteria and competencies are met. These criteria and competencies are generally met during the first three semesters of enrollment in the University. Completing these requirements means that you have satisfactorily completed the first/second TRANSITION POINTS to be fully admitted into the Teacher Education program.

1. Successfully complete designated courses:

  • -32-36 hours of general education courses (20 hours for Art and Music majors)

  • -All teacher education majors except art and music must complete EDU 2500
    • --Art Education majors must complete ART 1421
    • --Music Education majors must complete MUS 2280.


2. Earn a minimum GPA of

  • -2.75 cumulative for students entering the University in Fall 2015 and after
  • -2.50 cumulative for students entering the University prior to Fall 2015.


3. Meet basic academic skills requirements:

  • -Students entering the University prior to Fall 2015 must make a grade of “C” or better in ENG 1100/1101, ENG 1102, and MTH 1550/1750

  • -Students entering the University Fall 2015 and Summer 2016 must make a grade of “B” or better in ENG 1100/1101, ENG 1102, and MTH 1550/1750

  • -Praxis Core: Students entering Fall 2016 must meet the following minimum scores on Praxis Core examinations to fulfill basic academic skill requirements by the end of their first three semesters.

  • -156 Reading, exam #5712; 162 Writing, exam #5722; 150 Math, exam #5732

  • OR

  • -Praxis Core composite score of 468

    (To evaluate status and measure progress toward meeting Praxis Core requirements, Pre-Education majors will be provided assistance with the PRAXIS CORE examination through the TEAP-C. Past evidence has shown that majors who receive assistance perform better on the Praxis Core, than those who do not receive assistance. Pre- Education majors are required to participate in a designated number of test preparation clinics, workshops or online programs to prepare and register for Praxis Core examinations.)

    Exemption status for PRAXIS CORE EXAM: You are exempt from taking the Praxis Core exam if you have minimum ACT scores of Reading 20, English 20, and Math 21 OR minimum SAT composite score of 860. Verification of SAT/ACT scores are verified by TEAP-C.


4. Submit two acceptable faculty recommendations and have no violations of the University's Code of Conduct as verified by the University’s Dean of Students. Recommendation forms are available in the TEAP-C.

5. Attend prescribed Major’s meetings, professional workshops/seminars or other professional activities to be determined by the TEAP-C. The TEAP-C will verify your attendance and participation. (As you go through the pre-admission period, you will be observed for demonstration of dispositions such as respect for instructors and peers, professional appearance and communications, trustworthiness, interpersonal skills, etc.)

6. Successfully complete admission interview/video

7. Submit current and clear results from BCII/FBI checkThe TEAP-C is the office that will guide you through the steps from Pre-Education Major to acceptance into the Teacher Education Unit. Throughout your first four semesters you should visit the TEAP-C and begin to develop a file to document your transition, discuss concerns or issues, develop professional attitudes, meet other pre-education majors and learn as much as possible about becoming a professional educator/teacher.

Before pre-education majors can register for and take upper division (3000-4000 level) courses in their chosen program, they must meet all requirements for admission into the Educator Preparation Program (EPP).