Admission to Educator Preparation Programs (EPP)

Specific Requirements for Pre-Admitted EPP Candidates

Newly enrolled students who enroll in the University to seek teaching degrees are considered “Pre-Admitted” to their educator preparation programs (EPP). To become full EPP candidates, enrollees meet prescribed criteria and competencies. These criteria (See links below) are ideally met during their first three semesters at the University. Completing these requirements in a timely manner will help candidates transition into programs, upper level education courses, observation, and classroom practicum.

Admission Application & Criteria for Year Enrolled in Central State University

Future Admission & Criteria (Requirements are subject to change)

Admission Interview Preparation Request Form

Background checks information

CSU/EPP Admission Application Process

To begin the application process candidates must:

  • present a completed application to TEAP-C advisor
  • have earned a minimum of 32 hours for EPP programs except music and art that require 20 hours of general education
  • have earned the minimum GPA for his/her enrollment year