About TEAP-C

Purpose of TEAP-C

TEAP-C assists Central State University's College of Education and Teacher Education students by supportingĀ efforts to:
  • Improve teacher education admission rate
  • Retain students in teacher education programs
  • AssistĀ  in providing a base for professional development and lifelong learning
  • Develop Beneficial relationships with relevant schools and community colleges
  • Plan and execute learning activites focusedĀ  on urban education

Selected Objectives

  • To increase the numbers of students admitted to teacher education programs
  • To initiate a Praxis I Action Plan process that improves passing rates on basic academic skills examinations
  • To develop supplementary instruction initiatives to enhance professional and disposition skills
  • To create opportunities for students to support each others' professional growth
  • To formalize and monitor procedures for program admission
  • To develop mutually beneficial agreements and collaborative projects with regional schools and community college
  • To develop and present urban education instructional and informational activities