Faculty & Staff


Dr. Sam LakiKrishnakumar V. Nedunuri, Ph.D.
McLin #111  • (937) 376-6455

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, Purdue University, USA, 1999.  His areas of research include water quality, environmental systems modeling, bioremediation, environmental chemical engineering, clean energy engineering and sustainable ecosystems, and chemical and engineering education.


Dr. Sam LakiRamanitharan Kandiah, Ph.D., P.E.
McLin #105  •  (937) 376-6260

Ph.D. in Civil/ Environmental Engineering, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana,, 2004. His specialties include systems analysis of wastewater disposal, activated sludge treatment, contaminated aquatic sediments, comprehensive eco systems studies and air quality modeling.


Dr. Sam LakiSam L. Laki, Ph.D.
McLin #207  • (937) 376-6272

Agricultural Economics, with specialties in Agricultural development and Resource Development, Department of Agricultural economics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan; 1992.

Subramania I. Sritharan, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Director for research, Land-Grant Program
College of Science and Engineering

Hydraulics, Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 1984. Surface Hydraulics, Sub-surface Hydraulics, Water Resources Systems Analysis, Hydrology, Water Quality and Environmental Engineering, and Irrigation and Drainage. .:. Read More

Dr. Sam LakiXiaofang Wei, Ph.D.
McLin #206  •  (937) 376-6193

Indiana State University, Terra Haute, Indiana. GIS, Remote Sensing, Indiana State University Remote sensing applications for environmental applications including waste management, soil erosion; Cartography, Aerial Photogrammetry, Remote sensing applications in bio mass determination.



DeBonne Natalie Wishart, Ph.D
McLin #204  •  (937) 376-6535

Rutgers University/New Jersey Institute of Technology, Environmental Science-Hydrogeophysics, 2008. areas of specialization are environmental hydrogeophysics, hydrogeology, geothermal energy, groundwater and contaminant, fate, and transport modeling, fracture anisotropy characterization, and innovative environmental site remediation.


Ning Zhang, Ph.D.
McLin #203  • (937) 376-6043

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, West Virginia University, Morgantown, USA, 2012. Trace level contaminants removal from aqueous phase, physical & chemical wastewater treatment technology development, shale gas fracturing flow back water remediation and reuse, advanced surface characterization & analysis, sustainable resource and energy development.


Ms. Isabel BrumleyIsabel Brumley.
Water Resources

B.A. in Social Work, Catholic University, Washington DC. She provides assistance to the college and the department in the areas of student recruitment, counseling, and mentoring services. She is the USDA/1890 Program Liaison officer at Central State University and in that capacity also works on finding student employment opportunities within USDA agencies.






Ms. Adelynn ReevesAdelynn Reeves
Lab Technician
Sinclair Community College, Environmental Engineering Technology. Interest in Environmental Assessment and Analysis, Waste Management, Water Supply, Wastewater Treatment. OSHA 10 hour Card. Dean’s List at both Sinclair and University of Cincinnati







Dr. Sam LakiSamuel A.  Okunade, Ph.D.
Geomorphology, Kent State University, OH (1986) Urban planning, environmental geology, geomorphology; soils and characterization of soils, physical  geology.