Quan Lewis, '14

2014 Environmental Engineering Graduate

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Civil Engineer


Natural Resource Conservation Service provides technical expertise and conservation planning for farmers, ranchers and forest landowners wanting to make conservation improvements to their land.

Duties ––
Civil Engineer

I provide engineering assistance while working with landowners, groups and units of government to apply and maintain a variety of conservation practices for 16 counties in Ohio’s southeast region. This career also includes the responsibility of designing engineering practices, preparing engineering drawings, computing quantities and preparing cost estimates.


Completing major courses in my degree not only prepared me to be an engineer, but it helped me to become familiar with subjects that are involved in my projects I manage on the day-to-day bases.  Subjects like hydrology, soil and water pollution control, wastewater treatment, and applied hydraulics really helped me in career preparation. Instructors created great hands-on opportunities that prepared me in tasks such as sizing pumps, estimating pipe capacities, and reservoir volumes making cost estimates a breeze.