Manufacturing Engineering

Prestigious firms and government agencies seek out Graduates of the Manufacturing Engineering program (MFE).



The "CSU-MFE" Lifestyle

When people get Manufacturing Engineering degrees from Central State and higher incomes, they often move to bigger, newer homes in the suburbs with their better schools and safer neighborhoods. Most of our Central State University Manufacturing Engineering (MFE) graduates enjoy the Suburban Lifestyle, often fairly soon after graduating. Along with this lifestyle, come hard work and major contributions to society, something our students pride themselves in.


MFE Careers

Our Manufacturing Engineering MFE graduates generally start in an engineering job paying $60,000 per year or more at a large manufacturer and later move up into management jobs paying more than $100,000 per year. Most go on for Masters or Doctoral degrees. Some become Medical Doctors. Some do engineering for the TV and movie studios and have become actors.

Shendorah Nalls

For instance, Shendorah Nalls, a recent MFE graduate, went to work for the Boeing Aircraft Company in St. Louis, Missouri. She started work as a manufacturing engineer in the Harpoon Cruise Missile factory. After a few years, Boeing paid for her to get a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in the evenings. When she completed her degree, Boeing promoted her to a management position in the F-18 Fighter aircraft division. She is now getting a Ph.D. in leadership at night, for which Boeing is paying her tuition.

Recently, Boeing selected her out of 500 applicants to be an Enterprise Auditor (grooming for top management – salaries and stock options in the range of $1.2 to $2.3 million/year). She is now in a training program for that position where she audits Boeing’s manufacturing facilities worldwide. Shendorah says, “I have an advantage at Boeing because I grew up in poverty. When times get tough at Boeing, I know what to do, because I am no stranger to tough times.”

She enjoys being part of the Boeing team. Her grades were so good at Central State that she received a Boeing tuition scholarship her Junior and Senior year. She had seven job offers as a graduating Senior in MFE. She has certainly done a lot in the four years since graduating from Central State.

Dr. Fred McBagonluri

Dr. Fred McBagonluri, an MFE honors graduate, was named US Black Engineer of the Year for: Most Promising Scientist. an honor bestow by the US Black Engineer Magazine, Lockheed Martin and the Engineering Deans of HBCU on an engineer or scientist at the early stages of their careers who have shown great promise for future contributions to Science, Engineering and technology. He is the director of Research and Development for the Hearing Aid Division ($800 million/year sales) of the large German company Siemens. He has 46 people reporting to him. He has worked at Siemens in Piscataway, New Jersey for six years and has 23 patents. On a business trip to Siemens in Shanghai, China, he got a little free time to tour around.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Central State University, he got a Master’s Degree in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He then came back to Dayton to complete a PhD at the University of Dayton in Materials Engineering with some of his dissertation work at Princeton University’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Departments.

For a hobby, Fred writes novels. Two of his novels have been published and are available on Fred enjoyed his time at Central State University. He appreciated the completeness and rigor of our Manufacturing Engineering program and its help in graduate school and work.


MFE Summer Jobs

Our MFE students get exciting summer jobs at large companies where they learn about manufacturing engineering in the workplace and get paid well doing so. Many of the students have earned $15,000 to $17,000 in a summer.

One example is Jeff Coulter, now an MFE Senior, who worked last summer at Caterpillar Earth Moving Equipment Company in Decatur, Illinois. His job in the Manufacturing Engineering Department, involved writing safety instructions for the hoist and coil and writing instructions for spindle manufacturing and the laser cell. He also developed procedures for hardness testing and crack-checking of heat-treated sprockets, as well as spindle lifting instructions for the Metrology Laboratory.

Jeff used his Central State MFE training in Analysis of Variance and materials testing to determine the best hardness tester for Caterpillar. He used his Central State University Physics training to demagnetize huge axles for the world’s largest dump truck. At 300 ton load capacity, it can haul more weight than a railroad car. Jeff still gets chills just climbing the ladder to the driver’s seat.

Jeff chose Central State MFE because of the better job placement than other colleges. He also enjoys his Boeing scholarship and low tuition costs, and superior courses and faculty. “The labs are big, but the class sizes are small, and you get to know the professors well, and you get to do interesting projects,” (Jeff). “The friendly campus is like a nice city park – good for studying and being with friends. My parents never went to college, so this is a real treat.” The previous summer, Jeff worked in engineering at the US Army’s Tank and Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center in Detroit.


MFE Graduate Job Offers

Our MFE Seniors get many job offers, most at least four, from large companies like General Electric, Kraft Foods, Proctor & Gamble, Honda, Cummins Engine, and others.

One of our Seniors, Tariq Haliburton, got eight job offers last year, the highest paying $63,000 per year. He got an offer from the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan despite tens of thousands of layoffs at that firm. Tariq restored old cars as a hobby growing up in Detroit and resold them. He restored a 1980’s Impala with 22” wheels and a boom-box that could rattle every garage door on campus, (which he kept as his own.) His mother wrote thanking us for turning his life around and affecting their whole family. He is the family hero now.

He got a summer internship with Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Milwaukee through his affiliation with our department. Ultimately, he accepted his full time job offer with the Boeing Aircraft Company in Seattle, where he could work with three of his MFE classmates.