Faculty and Staff

Mathematics & Computer Science Faculty


Semere Araia
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Henderson Hall Room 141
(937) 376-6512  •  Fax (937) 376-6384


Interests: Statistical Analysis, Mathematical Analysis, and Statistical Modeling. Click for bio

Dr. Syvillia Averett
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Henderson Hall, Room 138

(937) 376-6179  •  Fax (937) 376-6384

Interests: Representation theory with a focus on reductive groups. Click for bio


Dr. Deng Cao
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Henderson Hall Room 150A
(937) 376-6624  •  Fax (937) 376-6384

Interests: Computer Vision, Advanced Biometrics, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.
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Dr. Charles Ford
Professor of Computer Science

(937) 376-6363  •  Fax (937) 376-6384


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Dr. Asit K. Saha
Associate Professor in Mathematics

Henderson Hall Room 150B
(937) 376-6045  •
(937) 376-6384

Interests: System Biology focusing on Metabolism, Artificial Organ Developments, HIV–AIDS, Pattern Formation and Brain Dynamics. Click for bio



Elias Andebrhan
Computer Classroom Technician

Henderson Hall, Room 136B
(937) 376-6005  •  Fax (937) 376-6384

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