Faculty and Staff

Mathematics & Computer Science Faculty


Dr. Kimberly Kendricks
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Henderson Hall, Room 151
(937) 376-6363   •  Fax (937) 376-6384 

Interests: Algebra, with a concentration in Groebner Basis Theory, Solving inverse kinematic robotics problems for robot manipulators, and MAGMA, an algebraic computer software. Click for bio


Semere Araia
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Henderson Hall Room 141
(937) 376-6512  •  Fax (937) 376-6384


Interests: Statistical Analysis, Mathematical Analysis, and Statistical Modeling. Click for bio

Dr. Syvillia Averett
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Henderson Hall, Room 138

(937) 376-6179  •  Fax (937) 376-6384

Interests: Representation theory with a focus on reductive groups. Click for bio


Dr. Deng Cao
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Henderson Hall Room 150A
(937) 376-6624  •  Fax (937) 376-6384

Interests: Computer Vision, Advanced Biometrics, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.
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Dr. Charles Ford
Professor of Computer Science

(937) 376-6363  •  Fax (937) 376-6384


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Dr. Asit K. Saha
Associate Professor in Mathematics

Henderson Hall Room 150B
(937) 376-6045  •
(937) 376-6384

Interests: System Biology focusing on Metabolism, Artificial Organ Developments, HIV–AIDS, Pattern Formation and Brain Dynamics. Click for bio



Elias Andebrhan
Computer Classroom Technician

Henderson Hall, Room 136B
(937) 376-6005  •  Fax (937) 376-6384

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