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Seed to Bloom Summer Program

XENIA — Students from Xenia participated in a three-week summer camp program that taught them about water conservation, soil protection and overall plant management.

Named “Seed to Bloom,” the program was held on Central State University’s campus from June 9 to July 3. Co-sponsored by The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the program also received support of the City of Xenia and the Wilberforce Chapter of Links, Incorporated.

Seed to Bloom Camp Director Dr. Cadance Lowell not only taught the students about how to design and grow plants in a garden, students dissected flowers and fruits, germinated seeds, studied primary and secondary compounds of carbohydrates, extracted DNA and made chalk, as part of the many activities scheduled.

Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond, president of Central State University, thanked the parents for allowing their students to participant in this first-time experience and expressed the importance of having parents engaged in all learning and developmental opportunities available for their children at an early age. Jackson-Hammond also expressed another objective of the camp was for students to learn about healthy eating and healthy living so that students do not engage in levels of obesity or become pre-diabetic.

Xenia Mayor Marsha Bayless and Wilberforce Links, Inc., President Hazel Latson were also on hand to offer words of encouragement and offer their support for the camp next year. Latson told the students that she hoped this program would lead them “to have scientific minds to become future problem solvers and mathematicians.”

“Next year Seed to Bloom will offer a program for fifth and sixth graders, and a graduated program for the seventh graders,” Jackson-Hammond said.