In concert with the mission of the University, Chemistry faculty foster the professional development of students through academic excellence, and provide educational opportunities to students to be competitive in a technological society. The specific objectives of the discipline are to provide students with:

  • A thorough understanding of basic and modern concepts of chemistry (See Chemistry Course Descriptions).
  • The ability to analyze and apply chemical concepts to technical problems through the development of laboratory skills.

Opportunities exist for undergraduate research experience, both on campus and through summer internships. Development of a strong sense of professionalism, with the motivation to pursue graduate study is encouraged. Professional programs include preparation for dental, medical, pharmacy and veterinary schools. An option in forensic science will prepare students for jobs or graduate school in forensic science. The program leads to a Bachelor of Science; in addition, a student may receive a B.S. degree in Secondary Education in middle school education in the Physical Sciences.

CSU Chemistry Club

If you are a chemistry major, take chemistry classes, or just interested in chemistry you are welcomed to join. The purpose of the chemistry club is to promote awareness, interest, and involvement in chemistry.


  • Mentoring and tutoring through students and faculty.
  • Information on graduate schools, medical schools, and careers.
  • Fun activities
  • Knowledge on updated information involving sciences and new scientific technologies.
  • Research and scholarship opportunities.


  • Community service - We will have a monthly community service activity.
  • Fees - There will be a small fee of $5.00 for the club. This is for our activities.
  • Meetings - Meetings can be scheduled so that everyone will be able to attend. These will also occur monthly and take no longer than an hour.

Contact: Visit Dr. Seleem's office, Joshua I. Smith Center for Education and Natural Sciences Room 177, for more information.


What Makes the CSU Chemistry Program Stand Out??

  • Many summer research positions are available for sophomore and junior majors.
  • Research science is one of the most popular career routes for Central State University chemistry graduates.
  • Recent graduates may be found at Goodyear, Procter & Gamble, Ashland Oil, Smith, Kline & French, Upjohn, Dow Chemical, Monsanto, Drackett, Ford Motor, DuPont, Ohio EPA, and at various colleges and universities.
  • The training of the faculty is diverse; all hold the Ph.D. degree from such schools as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Washington University of St. Louis.
  • Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor for guidance in the pursuit of a career goal.