Minority Analyst Program

Preparing Talented Minority Students for Successful Careers in the Field of Analysis

A severe lack of diversity inside the field of analysis has become a significant issue.  Minority analysts can provide a multicultural perspective that is essential for success in this increasingly global world.  As such, the Minority Analyst Program (MAP) is designed to fill this gap by providing highly qualified entry-level analysts for an array of analysis fields.

MAP prioritizes process, applicability and practicality as opposed to theoretical and academic.  As such, students will be producing real (or simulated) analysis products from the first week of the program.  The best work will be real customers; particularly the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC).  Despite emphasis on application, the program’s four hours of classroom instruction is a key component of the program providing students with a solid foundation in the field of analysis.

MAP is modeled around 4 development priorities

  1. Read – Comprehensive, Bias, Context
  2. Think – Logical, Objective, Methodical
  3. Write – Concise, Clear, Professional
  4. Talk – Presentation, Articulation, Communication

In support of these priorities, MAP will cultivate the following skills

  • Effective Researching
  • Critical Thinking
  • Concise Writing
  • Briefing and Public Speaking
  • Working as Part of an Analyst Team
  • Specialty Skills in Areas of Interest