HMP 1100 Introduction to Hospitality Management (I, II; 3) This course explores and analyzes the management, opportunities, functions, methods, and concepts in various segments of the hospitality industry. An overview of management careers, opportunities, and responsibilities in the hospitality industry is presented.

HMP 2211 Hospitality Internship I (I, II; 1-6) Students will be required to work in various areas of the industry for a minimum of 100 hours. An oral or written presentation before faculty, students, or industry personnel is required to complete this phase of the internship. Report covers information required by the internship manual. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor

HMP 2220 Sanitation (II; 3) Course examines the causes and prevention of food poisoning and food borne illness including the current problems facing the industry. Proper sanitation practices, hygiene, and study of health regulations and inspections are also studied. Prerequisite: HMP 1100

HMP 2222 Food Production (II; 3) Course introduces students to basic food service preparation. Emphasis is placed on management concepts, menu planning, and preparation supervision. Students learn service techniques, handle problems in customer relations, and keep accurate accounting records on profit and loss phases of the operation. Staffing, merchandising, and cost control procedures are integral parts of the course. Prerequisite: HMP 1100

HMP 2250 Culinary Arts (II; 3) This course in advanced food production and service techniques is designed to provide the student with realistic production, service and managerial experience. Students will be rotated through production and service areas. Prerequisites: HMP 2220 and HMP 2222

HMP 3310 Hospitality Law (I; 3) Course covers basic laws that affect hotels, motels, and restaurants, with common law used as a basis. The student is introduced to the fundamental laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the hospitality industry. Prerequisite: HMP 1100

HMP 3330 Hotel Management (II; 3) This course explores the duties of hotel management including front desk operations and property and room management. Prerequisite: HMP 1100

HMP 3331 Hospitality Operations Management (II; 3) This course explores management systems, methods and procedures related to the operation of food service. This course includes the study of management tools available to control sales and expenses within hospitality operations. Also examined are fundamentals of food and beverage cost controls for hotel and restaurant operations. Prerequisite: HMP 1100

HMP 4401 Tourism (I; 3) This course focuses on the understanding of tourism from the perspectives of travelers and destinations, while identifying tourism's economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impacts on communities. Prerequisite: HMP 1100

HMP 4402 Hospitality Marketing (II; 3) Course examines marketing principles, theories, and concepts used to maximize profits in hospitality organizations. During this course, students will analyze methods used by sales and service departments with emphasis on selling, planning, and marketing. Prerequisite: HMP 1100

HMP 4412 Hospitality Ethics (II; 3) This course examines the managerial decision-making process within hospitality organizations. Ethical causes for review include workers' rights, consumers' rights, managerial response, community obligation, and social responsibility. Prerequisite: HMP 1100

HMP 4418 Franchising (I; 3) This course studies franchise administration, operations, and marketing, with special emphasis on hospitality related franchises. The legal regulations of franchises, franchisee-franchisor relationship, and unique problems in franchise operations are included. Prerequisite: HMP 1100

HMP 4426 Club and Casino Management (II; 3) Students are exposed to organizations, administration, operation, and opportunities within the casino and private club industry, with emphasis on the manager's duties. Prerequisite: HMP 1100

HMP 4436 Seminar in Hospitality Management (II; 3) Hospitality Management topics are discussed with a major emphasis on operations management. Prerequisite:  Junior standing

HMP 4439 Risk and Quality Management for Hospitality (I; 3) This course is designed to enhance the student's ability to obtain and maintain a quality focus, and reinforces the concept that a risk and quality management program impacts customers and involves all levels of an organization. Prerequisite:  HMP 1100

HMP 4466 Internship in Hospitality Management (On Demand; 1-6) This course provides the opportunity to explore practical experience in hospitality management. Student activities are supervised by the organization sponsoring the internship. The Office of Career Services and responsible faculty monitor internship. A comprehensive report is required at completion of internship. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor