FIN 2233 Personal Finance (II; 3) Personal money management problems are examined with special attention given to credit, borrowing, insurance, buying and selling a home, and taxation. Analysis of investment companies, securities, estate planning, retirement, Medicare, and Social Security. Prerequisites: BUS 1100 and ENG 1102

FIN 3332 Investments (I; 3) Introduces historical risk, returns, return variability analysis; buying/selling securities; investor objectives; constraints and strategies; securities types, derivatives and options; mutual funds; and stock market organization and reporting. Prerequisite: BUS 3331

FIN 3333 Financial Institutions (I; 3) This course provides an overview of financial markets and institutions; determination of interest rates; structure of interest rates; organization of the Federal Reserve and its monetary tools; monetary theory and policy and its relation to fiscal policy. Prerequisite: BUS 3331

FIN 3334 Principles of Real Estate (I, II; 3) Course surveys the entire field of real estate designed for a broad basic knowledge to form a foundation for many facets included in the real estate profession. Prerequisite: BUS 3331

FIN 3335 Insurance (II; 3) Fundamental nature of risk and its importance and place in personal, business and national life. A study of risk-bearing and the theory of probability. Topics in life, health and accidental insurance. Prerequisite: BUS 2200

FIN 3336 Real Estate Law (I; 3) Basic concepts of Real Estate Law will be taught, introducing the concept of a dynamic law which reflects the economic, political, and social needs in relation to the state of real estate in our time. Prerequisites: BUS 2200 and FIN 3334

FIN 3337 Real Estate Appraisal (II; 3) A study in determining values, both actual and potential for real estate properties and interest employing standard methods and techniques. Prerequisite:  FIN 3334

FIN 3338 Real Estate Finance (I; 3) Course involves conventional financing techniques; specialized financing arrangements such as financial aspects of condominiums, cooperatives, real estate trusts (REITS), syndication, land contracts, sale of leasebacks, equity participation, wrap around mortgages, GNMA pass-through securities; the operation of PHLBB, FHLMA, GNMA as well as financial arrangements involving banks, savings or loan associations.  Prerequisite: FIN 3334

FIN 4431 Financial Management (I; 3) A study of capital budgeting and cash flow principals used in expansion, replacement, and long term investments. Calculate and interpret payback period, net present value, and internal rate of return. Understand the importance of explicitly recognized risk in the analysis of capital budgeting projects; understand the financial planning process, including bankruptcy reorganizing or liquidating a bankrupt firm. Prerequisite: BUS 3331

FIN 4432 Investment Analysis (I, II; 3) A study in stock price behavior and market efficiency, measuring bond yields, and nominal interest rates, corporate bonds, and government bonds. Prerequisite: FIN 3332

FIN 4437 International Finance (I, II; 3) An introduction to international business finance, financial firms and foreign exchange markets. Includes a study of international money and the balance of payments. Additional topics include foreign exchange markets, forecasting, examining parity relationships, management of foreign exchange rate exposure, and analysis in global financial management. Prerequisites: BUS 3331 and BUS 3370

FIN 4438 Seminar in Finance (I, II; 2) A course dealing with contemporary finance problems. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of the instructor

FIN 4497 Independent Study in Finance (II; 1) This course offers the student the opportunity to investigate current trends and advanced problems in finance. Student research will be under the direction of the instructor. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of the instructor

FIN 4466 Internship in Finance (On Demand; 1-6) This course provides the opportunity to explore practical experience in finance. Student activities are supervised by the organization sponsoring the internship. The Office of Career Services and responsible faculty monitor internship. A comprehensive report is required at completion of internship. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor