Finance Option

The Finance Option prepares students to enter the workforce, obtain jobs, and make money. The program grooms students for successful careers, concentrating on the financial applications and solutions for business and industry. The Finance Option crosses the boundaries of classic academic education with practical exercises in current business problems. Students are encouraged to participate in internships at financial organizations.

All university requirements (general education), all business requirements (business core courses), Finance Option requirements and 14 credit hours approved electives.

Business Requirements (55 credit hours)
ACC 2201            Financial Accounting
ACC 2240            Managerial Accounting
BUS 1100            Contemporary American Business
BUS 1500            Computer Applications for Business
BUS 2200            Legal Environment of Business
BUS 2203            Professional Development
BUS 2260            Business Communications
BUS 2343            Principles of Management
BUS 2353            Principles of Marketing
BUS 2900            Business Calculus
BUS 2901            Business Statistics I
BUS 2902            Business Statistics II
BUS 3331            Principles of Finance
BUS 3370            International Business
BUS 4785            Operations Management
BUS 4795            Strategic Management and Policy (Capstone Course)
ECO 2210            Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 2220            Principles of Macroeconomics

Finance Option Requirements (15 credit hours)
FIN 3332            Investments
FIN 3333            Financial Institutions
FIN 4431            Financial Management
Finance Electives (6 credit hours)