MKT 3390 Retail Merchandizing (I; 3) This course studies the operation and management of retail establishments. Emphasis is on planning and operating policies of retail stores for merchandise buying, selling, and control. Prerequisite: BUS 2353

MKT 3395 Sales Management (II; 3) This course covers the principles of planning, organizing, and controlling a sales force including selecting, training, compensating, supervising, and motivating sales personnel. Prerequisite: BUS 2353

MKT 3396 Consumer Behavior (I, II; 3) This course is a study of consumer decision-making processes and the utilization of behavioral sciences for understanding buyer-seller behavior. Prerequisite: BUS 2353

MKT 3456 Purchasing (I, II; 3) An overview of the current purchasing function for contemporary American business. This includes negotiating contracts, delivery schedules and quality management.

MKT 4451 Advertising (II; 3) This course covers the managerial uses of advertising, fundamentals of copy, media selection, agency-client relations, and measuring effectiveness. Current and emerging advertising issues in various media are examined. Prerequisite: BUS 2353

MKT 4455 Marketing Research (I; 3) This course studies collection and analysis of new market data applicable to planning, organizing, and operating research projects. Techniques used for market analysis such as sampling, questionnaires, interviewing are emphasized. Required for all marketing majors. Prerequisites: BUS 2353 and MKT 3396

MKT 4465 Marketing Management (II; 3) This course studies marketing policies and strategies with emphasis on decision making for marketing effectiveness Prerequisites: MKT 4455 and senior standing

MKT 4466 Internship in Marketing (On Demand; 1-6) This course provides the opportunity to explore practical experience in Marketing. Student activities are supervised by the organization sponsoring the internship. The Office of Career Services and responsible faculty monitor internship. A comprehensive report is required at completion of internship. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor

MKT 4467 International Marketing (I, II; 3) This course focuses on international marketing concepts and the influence of culture on the marketing plan. Challenges and opportunities facing U.S. firms seeking expansion abroad are examined. Prerequisites: BUS 2353 and BUS 3370

MKT 4478 Seminar in Marketing (I; 2) This course deals with contemporary marketing challenges and key issues in marketing, using the case analysis approach. Prerequisites: MKT 3396, MKT 4465, and senior standing

MKT 4497 Independent Study in Marketing (II; 1) This course offers the student the opportunity to conduct in-depth study of certain areas of particular interest in marketing. Student research is accomplished under the direction of the instructor. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of the instructor