MGT 3380 Human Resources (I; 3) This course introduces the recruitment, training, and management of an effective, productive work force. Course will include consideration of governmental rules affecting human resource management. Prerequisite: BUS 2343

MGT 3381 Organizational Behavior (II; 3) Focus is on individual and group behavior in the organizational setting. Employees in an organization are both individuals and members of groups, and it is necessary to consider both aspects of their behavior. Prerequisite: BUS 2343

MGT 3401 Government Regulation of Business (I; 3) This course is a study of the regulatory environment of business. It begins with early laws such as the Interstate Commerce Act and the Sherman Act, includes industry specific regulation, and emphasizes the impact of non-industry specific regulation arising from more recent legislation intended to address broad societal problems. Prerequisites: BUS 2200 and BUS 2343

MGT 4441 Labor Management Relations (II, 3) This course introduces the goals, strategies, issues, and methods involved in the relationship between management and the remainder of the work force. Emphasis will be placed on the negotiating process and government's role. Prerequisites: BUS 2343 and ECO 2210

MGT 4460 Small Business Management (I; 3) This course investigates common problems encountered in establishing/managing a small business. Topics include search for profitable market niches, financing, hiring the right people, and becoming familiar with government rules and regulations. Prerequisite:  BUS 2343

MGT 4471 Seminar in International Management (I, II; 3) This course introduces the international dimensions of management, including strategy formulation and implementation, globalization, the application of management principles in a cross-cultural environment, and the impact of international trade on economies and societies. Prerequisites: BUS 2343 and BUS 3370

MGT 4497 Independent Study in Management (I; 1) This course offers the student the opportunity to conduct in-depth study of certain areas of particular interest in management. Students accomplish research under the instructor’s direction. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of the instructor

MGT 4479 Seminar in Management (II; 2) This course deals with contemporary problems and key issues in management.Prerequisite: Senior standing or permission of the instructor