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Provost Toy Caldwell Whether you already know where your career path will lead you, or you are waiting to be inspired to discover your calling in life, Central State University is the learning community for you.

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title Nurse Program

Army ROTC has a lot of awesome opportunities for nursing students that are not available to the ordinary nursing student. The Army needs good nurses who are also strong leaders and hard workers. Those who come out of the Army ROTC nursing program are just that.

While in nursing school, you participate in ROTC activities along with all the other cadets.  Activities like land navigation, rappelling, physical training, and many leadership opportunities, all prepare you for your future as an Army nurse. If you enter ROTC as a nurse, you are guaranteed to be a nurse, as long as you pass your classes and the NCLEX .  Even though you will be a nurse and not an infantryman, the training you will receive will give you a greater respect and understanding for the soldiers you will be helping, as well as hone your leadership skills that will be needed as an Army nurse.

As a cadet, you have the opportunity to attend the Nurses Summer Training Program.  This program allows ROTC nursing students to spend a paid 3-4 weeks in a clinical setting at an Army medical center. There you are able to work one-on-one with a real Army nurse. Here is a video about  the Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP) . The experience you will gain during NSTP will further prepare you for your senior year in nursing school, as well as help you better understand what it is like to work in an army hospital.

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