title Documents & Forms

Enrollment Forms

There is plenty of paperwork to be a Cadet at different times. Some of these you can fill out on-line and some you will need to print and fill in by hand.

Fill these out once class starts and you have talked to the Enrollment Officer:

Bring these documents with you:

  • Original Birth Certificate (It will be copied and returned to you.)
  • Original Social Security Card (It will be copied and returned to you.)
  • Copy of high school transcripts
  • Copy of any college transcripts for any course work you have credit for
  • Proof of ACT/SAT scores
  • Shot Records with proof of MMR and Varicella vaccination (Chicken Pox) or proof that you have had chicken pox from your doctor.  We can't take your parents word about this. This can be obtained from a simple blood draw.

Fill this one out when instructed by Cadre:

We will fill these out together at contracting: