Fine and Performing Arts

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fine and Performing Arts Department is to create and sustain a nurturing intellectual and artistic environment in which students find learning to be satisfying and in which each student's intellectual curiosity is stimulated for the continuous search for knowledge. Within the framework of this mission, the Fine and Performing Arts faculty strives to:

  • develop in students the ability to perceive, react to, write about, perform, conceptualize, analyze, evaluate, and value music;
  • provide students with opportunities to develop critical thinking skills in their chosen discipline;
  • expose students to the music of other cultures to clarify music’s significance and role in those cultures, and explore the influences cultures have had on each other through the arts, especially music;
  • prepare students for professions related to their degree program, while addressing the challenges of a technologically oriented world;
  • prepare students for graduate studies by addressing areas of weakness while emphasizing strengths and by instilling in students an aspiration for excellence;
  • promote the serious study of the various genres of African-American music;
  • enhance music performance skills through student performance in ensembles: concert band, marching band, chorus, university singers, ethnic-based ensembles, jazz ensembles, wind ensembles, and percussion ensembles, opera workshop, and musical theatre;
  • expose students to outstanding scholars, teachers, and performers in the field of music by collaborating with other educational institutions, business organizations, major orchestras, professional music community, and government agencies.




Dr. Lennard Moses, Chairperson
Paul Robeson Cultural & Performing Arts Center, Room 218

Jennifer Hathaway, Secretary
Paul Robeson Cultural & Performing Arts Center, Room 218