Social and Behavioral Sciences

titleSocial Work

Image PlaceholderThe Social Work program is designed to prepare students for entry-level professional practice or the pursuit of graduate study. Students are provided opportunities for the development of a broad and comprehensive  theoretical knowledge base integrated with practical experience. Students acquire social work skills, values, and ethics required for social workers in professional practices working in the criminal justice system, or in agencies geared toward working with youth, the elderly, and families.

This program is a demanding one that emphasizes an unusually strong combination of classroom knowledge and field work experience. The Social Work program also includes internships that provide opportunities for students to obtain practical training off campus. Internships are limited and offered on a competitive basis. Students must complete course work and field practical training to earn their degrees.

The excellent quality of academic and professional training prepares our students to pass the social work licensing examination. There are excellent job opportunities in this field, in such diverse settings as hospitals, mental health agencies, public health departments, public schools, child welfare agencies, juvenile courts, correctional institutions, nursing homes, and industries.