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Provost Toy Caldwell Whether you already know where your career path will lead you, or you are waiting to be inspired to discover your calling in life, Central State University is the learning community for you.

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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Criminal Justice | Gerontology | Political Science | Psychology | Sociology | Social Work


The Sociology program is designed to provide students with strong research skills and theoretical knowledge of the field. The courses are diverse and represent a broad range of practical and theoretical issues in the discipline, and are designed in such a way that students acquire skills for careers in the criminal justice system or in agencies working with youth, the elderly, and families. Internships provide opportunities for students to obtain practical training off campus through placements in Sociology, Criminal Justice, or Gerontology.

This program offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Sociology, with concentrations in Gerontology or Criminal Justice. There are two components: academic and professional. The academic component prepares students for advanced studies. In the professional component, internships and seminars train students for immediate employment.

The Gerontology and Criminal Justice programs address significant and growing problems in society, and this creates a high and growing demand for our graduates.

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