Change Is Central

Change starts with inspiration: the desire to do something that hasn’t been done before, to take something that has been done and to do it better, to change the world, one act at a time, one idea at a time, one person at a time. Being a catalyst for change is a goal shared by our University, by our faculty, by our students, by their parents and by our alumni. CHANGE IS CENTRAL and change starts right here, right now.

Change requires that you act; if you desire to inspire and your goal is to lead, you need to be surrounded by a culture of excellence and the motivation to excel. There is no better place to nurture your dreams and desires than among today’s leaders of tomorrow at Central State University. We share your passion, from our faculty to our campus to our academics to our mentoring and career counseling. CHANGE IS CENTRAL.


Just as the artful use of the alphabet creates words that inspire, the artful use of a well-rounded academic curriculum taught by an enthusiastic faculty creates an atmosphere that inspires. From first-year courses that teach history and theory and provide a solid foundation to courses that challenge original thought as students mature and grow, Central State University knows that there’s a real world out there, and every course we offer gets you ready to compete with the best. ACADEMICS ARE CENTRAL.



We succeed only when our students succeed. Our legacy of 125 years of academic excellence in higher education speaks for itself; we nurture students that want to lead by example and serve others by their thoughts and deeds. Our goals and ambitions are high, and when you succeed at Central State University, you will succeed in life. SUCCESS IS CENTRAL.



When the goal is to do nothing less than change history, you need to provide an environment that encourages true vision and leadership. At Central State University, we develop the state of mind where “why not” becomes more than just a question; it becomes the motivational inspiration to be on the leading edge. Our perspective is global; our dedication is personal; our mission is creating leaders who understand what public service is about. LEADERSHIP IS CENTRAL.



Growth is achieved in many ways and the choices you make today are the ones that create not only your future, but determine the future of the world. It takes an environment that encourages diversity of thought, the freedom to speak, to discuss, to explore and the nurturing atmosphere to feel that your voice is heard and respected. Central State was designed to provide a world-class education that is made stronger by the varied backgrounds of its students and made stronger still by the shared ambition of wanting to be the best. YOU ARE CENTRAL.