Photo Request


Central State University does not employ a full-time photographer; however, Public Relations maintains a list of and hires commercial photographers whose services may be contracted for events or other special needs. Hourly rates vary and the ordering department incurs expenses.


Photo/Slide Inventory

A limited inventory of photographs and digital images is maintained in Public Relations for approved campus use.

Student, Faculty & Staff Photographs

Official photographs of students, faculty and staff, used for publicity purposes, are arranged and maintained through the Office of Public Relations.

Digital Photos

Only high-resolution digital images can be used in printed materials. Questions about quality, resolution, and use of other images should be addressed to the director of Public Relations or the graphic designer.

In addition to the above, the Public Relations office provides the following documents and services:

  • A written College style guide for use in writing copy for printed materials
  • The LC Lexicon, an up-to-date list of terms, buildings, and program names
  • Expertise and assistance for College marketing efforts
  • Response to requests from individuals and organizations for information about the College
  • Event planning assistance and publicity needs
  • An information and communication resource for community organizations
  • Content editing for the Campus website